Gents, can we do real talk here for a minute? All the mansplainers needs to breathe and pay attention. If you live in a pineapple under the sea and you never heard of 'mansplainer' ― sit tight SpongeBob! Mansplaining is a mash up of the words “man” and “explain.” Generally, it's used to describe when a male speaker offers an unsolicited opinion on something, often a topic the person (woman) he is speaking to is already familiar with. It's like telling a medical doctor how to diagnose a patient ― the nerve!

Cutting off a woman mid-sentence, thinking you can explain giving birth or period pains better than her ― does it make sense. Most men would see nothing wrong with this. Some would even go as far in defending themselves by saying 'what's wrong with it? My dad used to do it to my mother and she never made it a big deal'. That is so rude bro! Imagine a woman cuts you off to explain 'initiation school procedures' on your behalf? I know a lot of men who would flip for days.

Most mansplainers prefer to hide behind Twitter handles and destroy anyone (usually women) that dares to challenge them. Let's face it, mansplaining is something that happens in our everyday lives, but people don't actually talk about it and how it affects women. Even most of the men who initiate it don’t know that what they are doing is rude and just plain sexist.

Bro, this does not refer to every situation of you (man) explaining something to a woman. Men can explain things to women without being condescending or patronising. Perhaps you still not getting the point here and saying things like 'women should know their place'. No! Maybe you should not say or do something you'd not like to be done to you.

Mansplaining is making the assumption that as you (man) you know more and women need to have things explained to them. Take notes, this is a real gender issue. As a 'better man' try to listen, ask question then share your own opinion! Are you guilty?

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