Are you one of those peeps who update a status on Facebook after every sec? Did you ever get a DM from a friend begging you to react with a "heart" on the pic they uploaded a minute ago? Can we call that addiction? There is nothing wrong with posting especially if you're selling something or getting paid to do so. What about those ninjas who are always online but hardly post anything even upload a selfie so we can see they're alive? I bet a lot of people would die spending a day without checking Facebook. The online life seems more important than the 'offline' one.

Guess what? A new feature on both Instagram and Facebook mobile apps allows you to both set time limits on usage, and a mute notifications from the apps for a predetermined stretch of time. Hopefully that will make dates or any human interactions more interesting than they are.

However the Facebook “time limit” enforcement policy isn't super strict. You’ll get an alert when you’ve used up the precious minutes of scrolling through your celebrity crush but it’s not going to lock you out of the app or deactivate your account. If only Facebook would convert our "likes" and "reactions" into data maybe I'd also start posting every sec. Pity that model would be abused as we're already victims of being tagged to irrelevant posts in other people's missions to get more likes. Or even worse being asked to type "amen" if you want blessings in your life - isn't that annoying?

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