I followed the Castle Milk Stout hard- hitting campaign aimed at savouring the beauty and pride of the African heritage and culture. The campaign, aptly titled Get It Back, urges Africans to re-discover and celebrate their unique roots. Actually it's the captivating TV advert that drew me into this campaign and discussion. The narrator in the TV advert says "we lost it and we need to get it back". I saw all the familiar images in the TV advert but it didn't really resonate with me on a deeper level. Did it move you?

I defined my it a long time ago. That's how we should live, I believe - re-defining the world and systems in our own way. For an example, as much as I'm a 100% kasi guy not drinking umqombothi [African beer] doesn't make me less of an African. I see it as what it is, umqombothi - finish and klaar! I know MEN that perceive overweight as a symbol of wealth. Also those types that go out to the world hairy and untidy on purpose - come on guys! Have you never heard of Schick Hydro 5 Power Select? What's the it for you? Is it the Khaki attire or potjiekos? The Basotho blankets are they exclusively made for Sothos or can we all rock them without justifying? These could be just stereotypes - a 2018 man has his own voice, swag and preferences that makes his it different from yours. Perhaps MaXhosa designs by Laduma gets you back to your roots as a Xhosa man or you settled for your hippie look?

Do you use a brick to wash your face or Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser? It's an individual journey - I can't choose for you but recommend. I prefer New Nivea Men Body Deodorizer Range to keep smelling fresh. For you, a normal bar soap could be just enough to get through the day - can it last 24/7? Your neighbour is slaughtering a goat to communicate with his ancestors while you meditate at 5AM each morning. Like I said bro, you got to stay in your lane. Sjava defined his it at BET Awards with his Zulu attire and acceptance speech for the Viewers' Choice Best International Act category.

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