If your under-arm sniff checks are keeping you self-conscious in close quarters—this article is for you. Manbox products offers extra moisturising care, looking after your delicate skin and keeping your underarms soft and smooth. Your shower routine game could be on point but if you're using the wrong products PLEASE, I repeat PLEASE don't raise your hand even if you know the answer.

Before you shout "what's that funky smell" sniff yourself first unless you already buying grooming products from us. Imagine wasting your time in the shower because your deodorant only last for 10 minutes. To stay fresh and comfortable 24/7 purchase one of our top 5 recommended products:

Kiehl's Grooming Solutions Bar Soap

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Kiehl’s Grooming Solutions Bar Soap is a deep-cleansing and exfoliating two-in-one body wash. Include it in your daily shower routine if you're plagued with underarm body odour.

Percy Nobleman Deodorant Stick

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Percy Nobleman’s Deodorant Stick is a naturally derived, aluminium and alcohol-free formula. Specially designed using witch hazel and aloe vera alongside Percy’s signature scent, this stick is easy to apply and will keep you feeling fresh all day.

Clarins Anti-Transpirant Deodorant Roll-On

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Clarins approaches the problem of perspiration from a skincare treatment perspective, so this roll-on helps to control the body's natural perspiration for hours while respecting its natural process. It provides long lasting odour control with a non-sticky, alcohol free formulation

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Deodorant Spray

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1 MILLION is known as the scent of success. Going for gold because decadence is thrilling. An intoxicating, powerful blend that starts out fresh and moves onto a spicy leather accord. An arresting alchemy of full-on seduction.

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