What kind of man are you if you don't have an aftershave in your shaving kit? Hygienic benefits of using an aftershave includes keeping the skin pores clean & bacteria-free. This also helps prevent acne. Aftershave can soothe irritated or sensitive skin and can prevent razor burns or ingrown hairs.

Manbox team recommends the 4 aftershave - all available on our shop.

Clinique For Men Post Shave Soother

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Clinique For Men Post Shave Soother is a soothing after-shave treatment containing aloe to help calm razor burn and relieve dryness. Light, comforting lotion encourages healing of minor nicks and cuts. For all skin types.

Aramis Original Aftershave Lotion

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Aramis Classic After Shave Balm is a refreshing tonic for a man’s face. Scented with Aramis fragrance. Characterized by a warm, woodsy-mossy background vitalized with citrus, herbs and exotic spices, Aramis is a timeless and classic fragrance with wide appeal that's distinctively masculine, warm and provocative.

ClarinsMen Shave Ease Two-in-One Oil 

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Even the toughest of hairs can have a sensitive side. ClarinsMen’s comforting shaving oil—with essential oils of Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Mint organic drops ideal for healthy hair growth—softens stubble to banish and fight against razor burn.

Tabac Man After Shave Lotion

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Tabac Man Aftershave helps to refresh the skin after shaving and soothe away irritation. Leaves skin scented with a fresh and aromatic fragrance with the unmistakeable essence of classic Tabac.

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