Bereng 'Bee Deejay' Phokeng is a multi-faceted business owner, entrepreneur, DJ, music producer and event specialist. He owns the clothing label "BeeWear Urban" as well as a talent management and entertainment company "Generation NXT". To add onto this busy schedule, he also heads up the technical Dept at SAE Creative Media Institute in Cape Town. He has been involved in quite a number of well established events as a dj and organizer, these range from Rocking The Daisies, Vueve Clicquot Masters Polo to the CTEMF (Cape Town Electronic Music Festival) and more.

How do you introduce yourself?

In most cases it's "I know you, you're Bee" haha but I always prefer using my first name Bereng and not my stage name.

If you were not a DJ what else you’d be doing? Do your fans know that you have a day job?

Computers and technology in general have always interested me from a young age thus I studied Information Technology at CPUT. Most people that I know personally know that I do indeed have a day job.

                        What wakes you up every morning besides your alarm?

Nothing lol I enjoy my sleep. On a more serious note, it is knowing that I am also my own boss besides my job and that the businesses I run also form part of my daily commitments.


                Tell us about BeeWear? How much do you know about fashion?

The name itself stems from my stage name 'Bee Deejay', it came about in 2015 when myself and a friend from university - who also happens to be my business partner and designer, decided that I needed to look at different ways in which I could grow my brand as a dj. In addition, where I come from (Mbekweni, Paarl) there weren't really any homegrown clothing brands - a gap I saw and seized.

     In the streets, I hear about the term “potential Bae” do you see yourself as one?

Hahahahaha is this another way of asking if I'm single or taken?

                   What's your winning formula at this game called Life?

To be honest I think it would be unsafe to say that there is a formula but if you ask me, I would say what keeps me going is always thinking and planning ahead where and when you can.

                 I heard you have an obsession with sneakers, what’s going on there?

You heard? Hahaha I think it's safe to say you've "seen" as well. I think the fitting answer there would be that I see myself as a trendsetter cause I am never afraid of trying new things and being among the first to do so. All in all, I am also very mindful of how I look and present myself and shoes for me form a big part of my look.


   What’s your routine to stay looking fresh?

Anybody who knows me knows that I always keep my hair short and tidy as I believe that is where looking well groomed starts for me. Secondly, being able to mix and match what is my wardrobe with new items. I don't believe in just buying, buying, buying the whole time to stay fresh.

Is there such thing as a perfect guy?

I don't believe 'perfect' exists but I do believe that if you are to become somebody's partner for example, you would have to learn to accept what you cannot change about them and at the very same time, try and meet each other halfway where you can as we all have our differences.

If we had to put you in BOX – what would you remain as?

Myself? Lol, the term 'boxing' or 'being boxed' doesn't actually sit well with me. I believe in breaking barriers and that if I put my mind to it, there's nothing stopping me from being able to become a certain person or achieving a certain thing.

Kahle, kahle, what do you think is Manbox?

From what I have gathered, it seems to be a platform for men, irrespective of race, age, occupation, etc, to come together and exchange views about various things ranging from fashion to men's health.

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