Manbox is here for the 9 out 10 dudes. The potential Bae that knows the difference between a cologne and perfume. A “cleva” that doesn’t spend it all at once – saves a little for rainy days and sends some for “ugogo” back at home. This guy invests a great deal to his appearance – he’s a “look good, feel good” kinda ninja. Does he really exist? It sounds like a fictional character, hey ladies?

Let’s face the music, gents. It’s very tough out there – if you don’t stand out, you miss out. The 2018 ideal “Bae” is completely different from the one in the 90s. Back in the D a simple deodorant would have given a guy a leverage. A gold tooth would have scored you 10 points before you say a single word – not anymore. The bar has been raised so high, "amajita" spend hours deciding on an outfit for the night.

With Kiehl's Facial Cleanser you can minimize that BUT. The smaller your BUT the BIGGER your chances of getting "umabebeza”. The struggle is real even for the six pack gents – "abo Hulk" can’t hit the shower and think they’ll stay smelling fresh 24/7 without using NEW NIVEA MEN Body Deodorizer Range.

Before you join Manbox ask yourself how BIG is my BUT. Trust me, it’ll never be BIG enough or too small for Manbox to handle.

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