I nearly dropped dead when I stumbled across this research done by the Dermatology researchers from the University of Cape Town (UCT). It warns South Africans, particularly men, about the clean-shaved haircut known ekasi as "chiskop" could cost your health. Scary, right? One should consider buying their own hair clippers or try a different haircut maybe.

Uppercut hairstyle could be a safe bet - it's a cool haircut and even celebrities are rocking it. I doubt it's for everyone though, unless you want to look like Wesley Snipes in Blade. I strongly recommend Schick Hydro 5 Power for the beard, no need to be waiting in queues at the barbershop.


Apparently the issue is with the inadequately sterilized barber equipment. The research also found that nearly half of the clippers used in barbershops tested positive for traces of blood. As Mzansi has the highest number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the world, meaning that people infected with the virus can infect others through clippers. Studies also found that the blades of hair clippers tend to pick up blood from pimples on the scalp, and this and this same blood may infect other clients if it comes from someone with Hepatitis B - a serious but treatable, liver disease. While it mostly clears up on its own, it can lead to liver failure if it becomes chronic.


Eish! We all know, every corner in the township has a container barbershop and it's really a winning business model. Could the business be affected as customers are encouraged to consider other alternatives? My opinion, not really, chiskop is the cheapest and easiest hairstyle to maintain. Besides, not everyone in the township can afford to own their hair clippers. Quality hair clippers, like the ones barbershops use, are very expensive (close to a grand) and require some maintenance. Are you gonna take the risk? Perhaps we should add this to the "demand list" for the 2019 elections, gents? Ha, jokes.

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