A group of rubies and bloggers received a 2 month supply of Collagen Lift® Paris Red Carpet in April. Over the last 2 months they have been taking the ampoule once a day and we have their results and feedback to share with you. (Click here to buy online now)


Our rubies thoroughly enjoyed testing this product, (click here to read their reviews) and one ruby even saw a visible difference in her scars from a medical surgery she had done. BUT, we’ll let the feedback speak for itself….

  • 100% would recommend to friends and family
  • 94% noticed a visible difference in their skin tone
  • 100% noticed a visible difference in their skins moisture and softness
  • 71% noticed a difference in their hair and nails
  • 65% noticed a difference in the appearance of fine lines
  • 42% of the test group are going to purchase and continue taking the product daily
  • 18% have already purchased and will continue taking the product daily


Anouschka (Pamper Me Now Blog) shared her thoughts here on video after using it for 2 months.

Shahnaz (Shahnaz Loves Beauty) shared her 2 month journey with us here.

Read Lynette's (Pink & Purple Dots Blog) 2 month experience here.

See what Aneesa (Life & Style of Aneesa Vally) thought here of her 2 month review.

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Have you tried Collagen Lift® Paris, or are you currently using Collagen Lift Paris? Click here to share your review with our rubies.