Our December 'Hottie Of The Month' is Jimi Ogunlaja, owner of Jimisterio Catwalk Academy. Jimi is going to share some valuable tips on how to be a confident Goddess!



What does Goddess mean to you?
My own definition of a goddess is an inspiring female who takes pride in contributing to growth and positive change in life. A virtuous female with vision.

What is your tip for a quick confidence boost?
Posture – A woman should walk tall and confident. Good posture can make a big difference.

Which product do you think will make any woman feel like Goddess?
Great Fragrance – A little spritz of fragrance before leaving the house goes a long way. I know for sure Mac make up will definitely make any woman fell like a Goddess. I have had most of my fashion show experience with Mac make up and not only that Mac make up products are excellent and reliable, the Mac makeup artist are very skilled with knowledge and accommodating. They will educate you on exactly what to do and how to take care of your skin.

Best diet trick to drop those last 2 kgs?
You feel more confident when you are healthy - Best trick - A glass of water every morning is another must, as well as a quick bit of exercise if you have the time.

What is the first thing you notice about a woman?
Well honestly the first thing I notice about a woman is the presence of her beauty, how she conducts herself. Every woman is beautiful depending on how she carries herself.
Any tips to make our more petite and curvier rubies feel slimmer and taller?
Our more petite and curvier rubies should definitely embrace and appreciate their curves. Beauty comes in different forms and sizes, so I wouldn't change anything but to live a healthy and happy life.

How do you start your day to make you feel as confident as posible - any routines or good habits we can try?
I wake up every morning giving gratitude for all I am blessed with. I instantly become confident and secured.

Any total no-nos you have seen in your line of work? Any make-up don't's or wardrobe fails?
Moderate facial makeup, less is more always. Never wear any underwear over your clothes, keep it under always. Visible panty lines are also a no no. Bad breath and body odor is an absolute no no.

When is a woman most beautiful to you? When does she look most like her inner Goddess?
A woman is most beautiful to me when she is at peace with her immediate surrounding glowing with pride and confidence.

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