Calm down amigo, none of us has nine friends - including Justin Bieber. However, we all know a lot of gents who would appreciate FREE products to test and review! It's always a special moment to share the product(s) for the first time with your mates, isn't it?

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As much as we dig your vibe and glad that you're part of the tribe BUT we live by these rules hommie. Are you confused about whether to purchase a Box from our shop or wait for FREE product send out?

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I must say it's nice to be selected amongst thousands of members for test and review BUT nothing can't be compared to buying your own Manbox! The box would last you for the whole month (or more) and it's affordable.

Some would say "this is too good to be true! I sign up for FREE and receive FREE products?". That's correct. No BS. However, you have to opt-in to surveys. All we ask from you is to give us an honest review of the product you've tested.

There's one issue. We can't send you any FREE products if you don't update or add your delivery address and contact details.


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