Born in SA and raised in Namibia, JP Robberts has started in local movies, international TV commercials AND is a former Mr. South Africa 2016 finalist. The 27-year-old has now turned his focus to the music scene and has quickly built his presence as a powerhouse of note.

With a number of performances under his belt, including requests to perform for Saudi Arabian Royals - it's easy to see why he is considered the “Michael Bublé” of South Africa.


Manbox is super impressed with JP's grooming regimen and had to ask him for tips:

What's your number ONE grooming product? 

 I'd have to say that there are a couple of products I can't live without, but if I must single one product out that I always have with me, it is my Theravine SPF 30 Sunblock.

Do you still remember your first cologne?

 I do, to this day I have never been without a bottle of Pacco Robanne Black XS.


Why looking good is so important to you? 

In my industry and in my job it is somewhat of a requirements to always look my best. But it is also a case of look good, feel good.

What do you think a world would be if every dude owned a Manbox? 

I think every man should own at least the basic grooming and self care essentials. So if giving every dude a Manbox set is the way we achieve that, I' d say every man should order one right away!


What are your 3 main grooming tips?

My biggest grooming tips will have to be skincare. I recommend a good facial cleanser, a good day and night cream and of courses a good sunblock. Forget location location location, its all lotion lotion lotion.


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