Last week I gave our courier a break, I personally delivered a MANBOX with grooming goodies for Nkosiyati Khumalo, the Editor-In-Chief of GQ South Africa. Yati recently celebrated his one year anniversary in this particular role. Being an Editor-In-Chief of GQ is one of the coolest jobs on earth - Yati gets to interact with global A-listers.



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I asked Mr GQ some grooming questions...

-Yati spends roughly R600 monthly on grooming

- He includes manicure and pedicure in his grooming routine

-He digs Sorbet Man grooming products



We already packed Sorbet Man Shaving Cream in Yati's Manbox before the delivery session. How did we know? The answer is, Manbox doesn't do any random selections. Click here to become a Manbox member and see if you won't be getting exactly what you need.

Why Mr GQ specifically digs Sorbet Man Shaving cream? 

It provides the perfect cushioning and lubrication for a quick and easy shave, with sensitivity sensors to prevent skin irritations. Skin is left looking smooth and smelling fresh.

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