BAFETHU, there's more to grooming and looking after yourself than just smelling good. Are you tired of being called "chomi" by every chick that crosses your path? Eish bro, friendzone can be worse than a rejection especially if you want to be perceived as a potential "bae". Shame 'butiza' you could be chowing 'kotini' for days but you're forgetting basic grooming rules. Unnecessary hair and dirty nails are messing up your vibe. The list below has the basic "turn offs" and recommendations for you.

Turn offs and Tips

Bad breath: If you can't shout "halleluja" without everybody moving away from you, it's an obvious sign. That's your "signal" right there, brother. Bad breath is a major turn off! If you brush and floss your teeth daily BUT there's still that odour - try Listerine Anti-bacterial Mouthwash Fresh Burst.

Greasy afro: Please don't keep your hair if you don't have time to maintain it. That "fro" can kill your whole game especially if it doesn't smell nice. You could be washing it daily BUT with the wrong product. Have you heard about Head & Shoulders Moisturizing Scalp Care Shampoo? It's actually formulated for African hair and delivers enriched moisture for your scalp and hair.

Dry hands: Licking those dry spots in your hands is a big NO. I know us GENTS, we don't carry handbags where we can keep our grooming products. If you don't want to keep those dry hands in your pocket the whole day - try Nivea Créme. Not only is it for your hands, face and body, BUT you can keep it in your pocket.

Oily skin: If you have oily, shiny skin, you may want to use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser which is formulated to remove oil and dirt without damaging your skin. Splashing water on your face may remove a small amount of dirt, but it just spreads the rest around your skin. Stop wiping your face with your hands, Tarzan!

Body odour: If people hug you via Bluetooth (wave from a distance) you could be smelling awful. New Nivea Men Body Deodorizer will score you all those points all day long. A good smell is another way of maintaining relationships, unless you want to stuck with...yourself?

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