Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, known by his stage name AKA served us a hot meal with his third and newly released album, Touch My Blood. Apparently this could be his last album as "singles make sense economically" according to Supa Mega. Well, only time can tell - AKA has contradicted himself too much, sometimes we allow time to prove him right or wrong.

This past weekend was served for us MEN (no offence ladies) if you can't stand AKA's auto tune like the rest of his haters - you had so much entertainment you could choose from. Talking about the World Cup or MTV Awards or being celebrated on Father's Day. Most men couldn't ignore Touch My Blood, as AKA's closing track is suitable for the Father's Day - Daddy Issues II, dedicated to his daughter Cairo. AKA is good at building hype around his music, only album sales will prove if the strategy works or not.

I bet the Touch My Blood album is also dedicated to Bafana Bafana as they have only appeared in the FIFA World Cup on three occasions in 1998, 2002, and 2010. Are we truly the cursed VUVUZELAS of the world when it comes to soccer? Perhaps AKA should write a diss track for the national boys as he did to his ex-girlfriend Bonang. Queen B should perhaps get him AXE Daily Fragrance range as he'll need it as he promotes his album around the country. Just to return the favour, as track 3 on the album is "allegedly" about AKA's and Bonang's failed relationship.

Alright boys, is AKA's new album touching your blood?

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