Most young 'black' professionals carry the burden of being the "first everything" to their families. The expectations are super unimaginable. Just by getting that matric certificate there's already a pressure. Things such as "grooming" could be just too "bourgeois" for you. Every month you walk half-asleep in that shopping isle picking 4 basic products: bar soap, body lotion, roll on and a toothpaste. Try to convince someone whose never owned a toiletry bag or shared their towel with cousins to buy a floss for 100 bucks.

Vandag it's that time of the month. O'lady will remind your siblings how special you are before she begs you to pay R1 500 for the Tupperwares she couldn't resist. The following day she will remind you that she's behind her society contribution.

Imagine! The insane amount of pressure you have to endure. Why don't you say NO or move out? That would be a dumb move as you're already reminded "I did all I can so you can graduate and get that office job"  OR "remember I gave you that taxi fare so you can get to that interview". Oh boy, you better renovate that RDP house before you bounce. That's the only morally accepted rule before dumping your backroom and renting in the CBD close to your work place. Make sure you send your monthly "tax" before you take 'umabeza' to Cubana.

How about you improve your grooming game while saving to get that "Polo-nyana" and a place to stay? If you smell L'occitane L'Homme Cologne and clean up with Schick Hydro 5 you're on the right league. That's a first step to your emancipation brothers and sisters! We can overcompensate and play the "golden" child BUT it's important to invest in yourself. If you really can't escape the "black tax" at least make damn sure you look like you've made it or smell like your account has 6 zeros.

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