Are we there yet or is too soon? Not every men is interested in wearing makeup. Perhaps it's just "men nature" to dismiss new things especially something that is less manly. Makeup is about choice not about gender. Do you remember when the colour pink was only associated with women? These days men are rocking pink as if there aren't any colours to try on. Can you imagine a world where men feel welcome to wear makeup if they so choose?

Personally I have no beef with a little powder to hide my sunburns. Not to throw shade to my hommies but some of us would really use a refreshed appearance. If you live in a pineapple under the sea like SpongeBob SquarePants ― look around you, men wearing makeup is slowly becoming a norm.

Grooming experts are saying that we’re not totally there yet. It’s still seen as a little out of the ordinary for guys to use concealer or foundation to hide a blemish or two, likely because makeup is largely marketed to women. If you a trend-follower, this is the perfect time to stand out.

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(Christopher Polk via Getty Images)

Movie "Get Out" lead actor Daniel Kaluuya glowed at the 2018 Oscars wearing a shade from Fenty. Daniel has a super dark skin and the makeup gave him a fresh look, don't you feel cheated? Most guys don't even feel comfortable walking around the house wearing a face mask. Don't let them fool you, L'Oreal Men Expert Pure Power Scrub will wash away your dead skin cells, and fight spots and blackheads.

Bro, would you sacrifice 30 minutes of your time each morning to wear makeup? Let us know on the comment section below - we might send you a makeup kit to try.

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