Your fridge has never been as full of double cream yoghurt, home-made full fat mayo, bacon and butter, but what effect is The Meal Revolution having on your hair, skin, nails and breath?

The skinny on nails
For years we’ve believed that those little white flecks in our nails meant we needed to up our calcium intake. However, with all the full cream milk we’re currently drinking it doesn’t add up. Turns out, it’s actually your body’s way of indicating that you may be lacking in zinc. Both zinc and iron, found in all that red meat you’re eating, are essential to strong healthy nails. Skimping your lamb chops and rib eye will only result in brittle, rigid nails that crack and tear easily. You can also supplement with Nutriwomen Hair, Skin & Nail Therapy which is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B6, Selenium AAC, Co-enzyme Q10 and Biotin.

The skinny on bad breath
According to Dr Leslie Baumann, dermatologist and best-selling author, ‘when all of the sugar has been depleted, the body begins to run on stored fat, and this is known as ketosis.’ Some side effects include headaches, irritability and bad breath. Sadly, brushing and flossing won’t have any effect on the problem, since it’s coming from metabolic changes and not a dental-related condition. Drink more water, ‘it helps dilute the ketones in your system, and while that won't affect weight loss, it will help with bad breath,’ says Dr Stephen Sondike, director of the Nutrition, Exercise, and Weight Management Program (NEW) at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

The skinny on skin
It’s been proven that sugar, often found in carbohydrates, accelerates the glycation process in your skin, which results in more prominent fine lines and wrinkles. So, when you signed up for this zero carb, high fat diet you also signed up for plumper, more glowy skin. Dr Baumann has also found that patients who curbed their carbs and increased their helpings of animal protein saw an improvement in acne too. You can also boost your nutrient intake and maintain a healthy glow with NATRX Radiant Complexion, a supplement packed with skin-friendly calcium, alpha lipoic acid, collagen and zinc.

The skinny on hair
Both hair and nails are made of a protein called keratin, which means your hair needs protein to help it grow. Hair growth happens in phases, right now about 90% of your hair is growing. This usually lasts between two and three years and then your hair enters a resting phase for about three months. If you don’t eat enough protein, you may notice more of your hair is in the resting phase and hair loss is more apparent. However, if you’re wolfing down steak but your hair isn’t feeling the Bob Martin effect, eat more foods rich in iron and vitamin D such as milk, cured meats and mushrooms.

Whether your reason for going Noakes is weight loss or improved energy levels, we're loving the positive side effects its having on our skin, hair and nails.