wIt's February. No more Jan-worry!

It’s the most romantic month of all, so if you’ve not yet started planning for that special day or evening with the one you love, get cracking! There’s just nothing like love. That doesn't mean chow all your dow to impress your bae. Come on bro, red roses and a box of chocolate will never run out of fashion are so boring!

Is Valentine’s Day making you anxious? Breathe bro, she knows you are financially recovering (Jan was 5 weeks long) but that excuse expired in 2010.

When it comes to male grooming - we are the experts (gifts for ladies isn't our speciality) hence we asked rubybox to curate 2 gift boxes for your bae.

Kiss Me Quick R200 (Buy Today) 

Kiss Me Quick Box

Maybe the lobola conversation hasn't come up yet because you have just met her 2 months ago. Let me recycle uncle Percy's advice Take Time To Know Her! Bro, women aren't really complicated. The whole 2019 she'll count this Box as one of the best gifts from you

Love Struck R300 (Buy Today) 

Love Struck Box

R300 wouldn’t last you a day in Camps Bay but it would definitely leave a lasting impression to your girlfriend. This Valentines Day gift has all the crucial must-haves for ladies. It's the kind of stuff it would take us gents 10 hours to look and get them at the store.

This offer is valid from 1st until the 7th February. Make sure you get her a Box while stock last.

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