Who said you can't do both? Kyle Naidoo is a 23 year old health and skincare blogger with 12.7k followers on Instagram. Kyle is also a final year Chemical Engineering student from Durban. He is using his strong social media presence to share health and grooming tips to his audience. Male grooming bloggers are quite few in SA so you'd call Kyle one of the pioneers in this game.

How do you introduce yourself?

I’m Kyle, a 23-year-old final year chemical engineering student from Durban. I’m also a men’s health and skincare blogger. You would wonder where I get the time to do both but health and skincare is a part of my lifestyle so it isn’t difficult to balance these things. I’m always researching things I gain interest in to expand my knowledge. When I’m not caught up in the stresses of being a student I enjoy watching series, going out with my friends, exploring nature and participating in outdoor activities. I never back down from a challenge.

What inspired you to study Chemical Engineering?

I’ve always been inclined towards things that are not only challenging but stimulating to the mind. I wanted to get into a field that greatly focused on math and science. However, I didn’t want to be boxed in that space only. My idea of chemical engineering was just working with many different chemicals. However, after I conducted research, I was wrong. Chemical engineers are involved in almost everything in some way or another! Just the idea that someone might be drinking cleaner water, breathing cleaner air, using more sustainability produced plastics or purchasing cheaper medication because of me is very satisfying. Hence, I knew that my decision was the right one for me.

Why are interested in grooming and lifestyle content?

I’m always concerned about my health and general well-being. I think that part of living your best life includes ensuring that your body is fed with the right things. I’m always thoroughly researching and implementing ways to improve my health as well as take care of my skin in ways that are safe and natural in most parts. It all starts from a young age and I feel like many men neglect skincare. Since I’ve adopted taking care of myself all round, I found it important to share what I learnt with others.

What wakes up every morning besides your alarm?

I get up really in the morning because my days are generally long and busy. So, my phone is always woke with all the things I have to get done for the day. My phone is generally the first thing in up to in the morning (I know, not a good idea!!!).

What’s your winning formula?

I try to be as real as possible with my audience. I feel that if you reflect your true self, it wouldn’t require much effort and it would be easier for people to relate with what you are trying to put out. Also, respect is very important.

What’s next for you?

I’m so overwhelmed with all the love I’ve been receiving this year. It's motivation enough to keep on doing what I love. I intend on expanding my blog, starting my own men’s skincare range as well as involving myself in many breakthroughs in my field of work.

What’s your routine to stay looking fresh?

When it comes to men, we generally don’t like to do much. My morning routine includes a face wash, cleansing, moisturizing and sunscreen. I exfoliate twice a week. My night routine includes a face wash, cleansing, a serum and moisturizing. I also drink a lot of water, people really underestimate the benefits of staying properly hydrated. In the mornings, I enjoy a glass of water with a teaspoon of turmeric powder.

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What’s your number ONE grooming product?

I would have to say masks. I love masking because they provide the skin with so much in such a small space of time. Nowadays there are masks to tackle all kinds of things.


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Is there such thing as a perfect guy?

Every guy is perfect in his own way it all depends on what perfect is to you and how you see yourself. If you think positive, you automatically reflect it.

If we had to put you in BOX – what would you remain as besides a blogger?

Blogging will always be a part of my life because I’m always reading up on blogs to expand my knowledge and gain an insight on the opinions of others on topics of interest. If I had to be boxed, I would definitely stay in something related in my field of study. I love challenging myself.

Grand, grand, what do you think is Manbox?

I think Manbox is a platform for men to learn and shop for all their grooming essentials. A lot of men neglect proper grooming and a lot of men are doing the wrong things for their skin. Not deliberately but because they don’t have enough information. Manbox provides information that all men need on a single platform while giving men the opportunity to share their personal experiences so we build a community of better men. The idea of learning together drives us to stay on par.

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