The locker room is a place where we all go after a hectic session of pumping iron. We have just a few minutes (let's face it, with all the manly nakedness on show, a few minutes is more than enough) to get ourselves looking good after a workout, so you will need to bring your grooming necessities with you, because let’s face it, asking a fellow gym-goer to borrow his soap probably won't fly.

Pack your gym bag and make sure that you have these bad boys in there.

Hair, body and face wash – Nothing beats 3-in-1 products that save time, effort and space. Plus, who said that men can’t multi-task?

Deodorant – Smelling like a man does not mean your sweat, bro. Just a  few spray’s in the right places will do. Oh and if you see your gym buddy forgot a pal and share, But not if it’s a roll-on, that’s just nasty.

Moisturiser – You just lost a lot of the water, so look after the biggest organ in your body (your skin, durrr), which might be in need of some post work out hydration.

Slip-slops –Make sure you wear yours in the shower, because who knows how many other okes forgot to wear theirs. Athletes + shower + feet = Athlete’s foot.

MANBOX is the provider of all your grooming essentials and -best of all- it's free and we deliver to your door.