How's your relationship with money? That's a question almost everyone would prefer not to answer. Growing up, some of us were instructed on the values of saving money and being responsible consumers. Many are the loyal members of YOLO (You Only Live Once) movement - credit bureau knows them by their first names. They're living "wow" lives with "LOL" budgets - they refuse to live within their means. Whooo shame, we are not impressed bro.

Even the best of us, however, tend to forget some of the best ways to exercise excellent frugality, and our bank accounts end up suffering for it. Did you know SHARING is another golden secret of saving? Not only just money but EVERYTHING. Sharing stuff and services conserves resources and builds our ties with our each other—but it also saves money, sometimes a lot of money. Like taking Uber as a group and paying one price for 4 instead of one.

Here at MANBOX we believe that using the right products and listening to advice like this, would keep you ahead of the pack. Check out NEW NIVEA MEN Body Deodorizer Range which has up to 500 more sprays (Which is 5x more sprays than a NIVEA 150ml areosol spray) therefore helping you SAVE by increasing the length of time between purchases —perfect? Guaranteed, only Manbox gives you a "wow" life with no budget at all.

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