Nobody has evolved in front of our television screens like Bouga Luv. Kabelo Mabala is one of the most humble and relatable celebrities in Mzansi. Mabalana has lived like a rock star and survived to tell the tail in his book I Ran For My Life: My Story. It's one the "special" ones that can sustain their career in the cruel entertainment industry for this long.

The self-proclaimed 'pantsuit for life' has reinvented himself a million times to a point where we'd confused him with the guy that played Madiba in Long Walk to Freedom. Ha, jokes. On serious note, we all can learn a thing or two from the Kwaito star.

This #ChooseDay Manbox chooses Kabelo Mabalane as a perfect example of a man that works super hard and yet makes an effort to look fresh. I'm convinced Bouga Luv is using Schick Hydro Power 5 to keep his cheesekop that clean.

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