The days of #NotAllMenAreTrash are over! That excuse expired a long time ago. We have a serious issue and it won't be solved by asking women to be cautious or wear "appropriately". Men, enough is enough! Nothing is more important until women and children are safe. The sad news of rape and murder is all our problem. Let me put this way — we are ALL guilty for turning a blind eye and minding our own business.

Women aren't safe to walk the streets at any time of the day. This is disgusting!


Are we going to keep quiet and pretend as nothing happened? The monster that kidnaps and rapes innocent women is the same dude that we enjoy his sexist jokes. MEN, they are one of us! The murderer could be your best mate, the one who said: "I had to teach that b**ch a lesson" and you encouraged him.

No more slaughtering of goats to cover-up a rape in a family and label it as "dark spirits". This is the time for all MEN who feel ashamed and disgusted by such crimes to do something. It starts with escorting and checking up on females as you'd do to your sister, daughter and partner. It begins with us men reporting such crimes even if it involves your charming friend.

What are you doing as a man to make women around you feel safe? MANBOX is all about building BETTER MEN. This issue takes priority as ALL of us men are guilty!

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