Who Are You?

Outside the internet you could be that DUDE who can't handle his "biznes". In the online streets you could be the ninja with no profile picture that DMs everybody. Or you could be none of the above, just a nice "outi" that takes care of himself. BUT that is not enough, my china. If you're one of those gents that uses o'lady's toiletries because you thought yours would make it till pay dag. Step outside - we need to have a serious talk! Eish ntwana, those daily essentials will humble you if you don't prioritise them.

Are you stuck in the past that you'll dismiss Hydro Moisturising Shave Gel in your monthly toiletry shopping list? Did you know that Hydro Moisturising Shave Gel prepares your skin with a fast-acting moisturising formula that’s made with vitamins E and pro-B5? The answer is NO. It's 4-0, women are leading in this game of grooming. Come on boys, let's fix this!

Who are you? It's a super serious question for a day after Monday isn't it? Let me break this down for you cousin. Manbox man is self-sustainable, he is entrepreneurial, guluva with a plan, looks good, smells good and is, overall, good. This guy flosses his teeth and keeps a Nivea Men Creme in his pocket for his face and hands. Yes, nooo ways! How does he skip all the shopping queues? Like, where does he get the time? It's obvious, he is a Manboox member! Are you?

Please respect your time bro! Let us take care of your monthly MEN essentials. Shopping is a nightmare - all that time standing in the isle isn't ayoba. Focus on your grinding and Manbox will take care of your grooming. Do we have a deal?

Remember, it's only 2 Days left for Manbox to deliver your new Mens Face Wash. Click here to complete your quick survey. If you're not a Manbox member click here to join us.

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