"This part of my life, this little part is called...happiness"

You probably have heard this line from Will Smith as Chris Gardner in biographical drama film "Pursuit of Happyness". The movie takes us through different phases of Chris Gardener's life until the happy ending. Each chapter forces the viewer to reflect on their own chapter(s).

Tell me, are you receiving less and sending more texts messages? That question alone can reveal the chapter you're in right now. Perhaps things are just gravitating your way with less effort from your side. Or you get blue ticked by each contact in your WhatsApp.

The present moment is always compromised. It's constantly pushed aside for the so called future. Like a first born child the present moment doesn't get much attention. Grooming is a great part of your present moment - without flossing and brushing your teeth the future won't be so bright.

We dress up and turn up. Just for ONE thing only. The so called FUTURE. As scary as it is sometimes we all want to be part of it. Don't get me wrong I have no beef with the future. As long the future knows where it belongs and my grooming game isn't neglected.

How about you start taking care of your present? Treat yourself with Versace Eros Eau De Toilette. Life is just too short not to have a signature scent that sets you apart from the rest.

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