Tebogo “Pin-Pin” Kgethe is a social media Influencer, Brand Ambassador,  Digital Marketer, Founder of Pin-Pin Media, 2016 iStart2 Challenge Sustainability Hero and Author of Social Media Influencer Marketing eBook Vol. 1.0.

How do you introduce yourself?

My name is Tebogo Akanyang Godfrey Kgethe but better known as Tebogo Pin-Pin, a name given to me by my Motorcycle Club.

What inspired you to become a social media influencer?

I established a charity foundation called HELP-A-STRANGER (#HAS) in 2015 and I was doing such a great work helping strangers and influencing people through social media to do the same by creating a chain of “Random Of Kindness” and “Paying It Forward”. My work was seen by an International magazine editor in California, USA and decided to feature our Foundation in their January 2016 issue. After the release of that issue, we received more exposure and support from South African local community members, local community radio stations and countries like Uganda, Germany and Malawi. She also told me that I could have a career as a social media Influencer and use my influence to help Brands achieve their social media marketing goals. This was not a problem to make a switch because I was already working as a Field Promoter for 4 years and working with different Brands doing national activations.

I had a brief discussion with a Marketing Director from one of South African word-of-mouth micro Influencer agencies about becoming a social media Influencer, she gave me my first social media campaign and like they say, the rest is history.

Tell us more about HELP-A-STRANGER Foundation?

HELP-A-STRANGER Foundation (#HAS) is a registered Non-Profit Organisation that helps and support strangers. We help and support orphaned children, children from child-headed homes and homeless people with school uniforms, school shoes, stationery, food, clothes, shoes, blankets, toiletry supplies, household cleaning detergents, sanitary towels and skills development. #HAS was established by myself in 2015 and we currently have 8 volunteers. Over 1300 beneficiaries have already benefited from our programs. We are not funded/sponsored and we receive support and donations from community members and our international friends.

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 Which brands have you collaborated with?

Sanex SA | Nivea Men SA | Poppy Apparel | Halifornia Apparel | Unruly Clothing | Kia SA | Renault SA | Jaguar SA | Ford SA | VW SA | Vape Shop SA | VGOD International | Pringles SA | Simba nd many more.

What makes you stand out from the rest?

In life, It’s my willingness to go out of my way to help others without expecting anything in return.

In my industry, It’s the fact that I don’t get easily excited about any product or brand that gets introduced in the market. Before I think of collaborating with any Brand, I should have first at least genuinely used or wore their product/brand. That makes any future collaborations a smooth transition instead of a too obvious marketing campaign. When I work with a Brand, I put my soul, heart, body and mind into their campaigns in order to provide value, yield positive results and help them achieve their marketing goals.

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What wakes you up every morning besides your alarm?

Putting a smile on a stranger’s face and knowing that I have another opportunity to share my knowledge about life. At 34 years I might sound young but trust me, I have been on all three sides of life; ROCK BOTTOM, UP and MIDDLE. I always share these experiences when I am invited to talk the Youth to try and help them not to repeat the same mistakes I did when I was growing up.

What’s your winning formula?

Extending a helping hand to others has opened many doors for me. So, on daily basis I tell myself that I will achieve anything in life as long as I help enough people on my way. I also take every failure as an opportunity to learn then rectify my mistakes and try again.

 What’s next for you?

To launch my own men custom-made leather boutique. This will be a go-to men boutique for fine custom leather wallets, man bags, travel bags, toiletry bags, duffel bags, belts, shoes and more. and to become an Ambassador for a South African skin care or clothing brand.

What’s your routine to stay looking fresh?

I really don’t have a set routine for looking fresh but my hair and beard definitely need to be trimmed and groomed every second week. I have also discovered that Nivea Men skin care range do wonders for my skin and the new Nivea Men deodorizer keeps me fresh and smelling good all day long.

What’s your number ONE grooming product? Is there a story behind the product?

It has to be New Nivea Men Deep Clean Face Cleanser, Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion and New Nivea Body Deodorizer range. 2 years ago I received a birthday gift pack with Nivea Men products from a friend I just fell in love with the brand. I have never had a reason to switch.


Is there such thing as a perfect guy?

Let me try to describe him for you; well-groomed hair/no hair, well-groomed beard/clean shaved, cut nails, smells good, presentable, well-dressed, honest, go-getter and confident.

If we had to put you in BOX – what would you remain as besides a photographer?

I would definitely continue helping strangers and being hope to the hopeless. This is something that will always be in my soul and heart because I know how it feels to have nothing and no support.

Grand, grand, what do you think is Manbox?

I think Manbox is such a great platform for men who want to look good and fresh. I used to think grooming and skin care was only for women but Manbox has changed that perception. I have lost count on the number of guys I have referred to Manbox for great grooming products, tips and reviews.

Tebogo Kgethe is a Manbox member. What are you waiting for? Click here to become a Manbox member.

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