The South African cricket team is flourishing in New Zealand and with two more test match to go, their key to success is getting the fundamentals right. Bowling, batting and fielding, these are the three roles that every great test playing nation has learned to fill with key players. MANBOX has a plan to help you better understand the importance of your grooming routine and how these three roles should be filled.

1. Bowling = Face Wash:
This is the Kagiso Rabada of your grooming routine, you can't compete without a strike bowler in your squad, the same goes for grooming. By consistently using your strike bowler, you'll automatically up your game and your performance. Our selection for filling the Kagiso Rabada role is: Nivea Sensitive Face Wash

2. Fielding = Moisturiser:
The grooming equivalent to fielding, we all know the saying: "Catches win matches". So make sure you put time and effort in, because you never know when the ball will be coming straight at you and you'd want to be prepared. Same goes for moisturising, you'll never know when the next opportunity comes to impress, so be prepared. The Ab de Villiers of grooming is Game Day Moisturiser Hydrator + SPF

3. Batting = Shaving:
Batting is all about technique, it requires great hand-eye coordination and focus, ball after ball the bowlers will be chipping at your resolve, same goes for shaving. You need an over all performer to make sure that you are in a winning position every day. Check out the Dean Elgar of shaving, the full package - Schick Hydro Power Select

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