Trevor Noah recently announced his new comedy special, “Son of Patricia” that is set to premiere on Netflix on 20 November. Noah announced the news on his social media channels with the help of a ‘chicken-baby’ he apparently “got from Craigslist”.

It might look like Trevor is an overnight success but the comedian comes a very long way. Do you remember his first stand-up special "The Daywalker"? Noah is also expected to publish his second memoir after "Born A Crime" was a success.

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“Son of Patricia” is the second comedy special to come from The Daily Show host and South African comedian, with his first being the hugely popular, “Afraid of the Dark.”

Now, it is reported that Noah will take the stage for a stand-up special that touches on racism, immigration, camping and more. These are Trevor's favourite topics (including his mom) almost in all his stand-ups. Nothing is more hilarious than hearing Trevor doing any accent, I bet we'd still enjoy him if he'd start and end the show with a Russian accent. That would obviously annoy Vladimir Putin but would definitely LOL the audience.

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