Do you know what guys do when chicks aren't around? They gossip! Like Chris Rock would shout "yes I said it" guys are probably worse than females. It might not be giggling and high fives in between the chit-chat like chicks do. Maybe it might not be extreme to the point of making time to gossip.The reason guys would deny to ever gossip is because they're dishing "facts" to each other not lies. Women are convinced that boys only discuss the "usual stuff" like fast cars, sport and booze.  That's just small talk when a guys isn't amongst his crew.

The reason there are books like "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man" by Steve Harvey (including his TV show) is because guys "secrets" are more juicer to women. If a woman would like to know if her guy will ever move out of his momma's house and marry her. Asking her friends to analyse the "situation-ship" isn't really helpful. The answer to those questions are locked in her boyfriends BFF's chest. The boyfriends BFF might only have the "ego version" (as guys tend to add chakalaka sauce) of the situation-ship.

The BFF might not have all the "secrets" she would like to know but he as the "ego version" of her boyfriends situation-ship analysis.

I'm not condemning guys to stop gossiping BUT they can start to have more constructive convos. In 5 years time life might not be as fair as it is now. Besides you don't want to be left behind because you were obsessing about your the chick that broke your bro's heart. Below we came up with positive topics for guys can start including in their secret convos.

Stokvel: If you already waste money buying each other booze or unnecessary gifts, starting a stokvel should't be hard. At the end of the day the whole crew is winning. No more financial excuses when you have to plan a shot left to Durban this coming festive.

Business Plan: Instead of complaining about the lack of opportunities maybe now is the right time to create one. Also it doesn't hurt to have a side hustle where you all bring your skills together to have a passive income.

Grooming: That one dude in your crew with a stinking breath and scruffy beard is messing up everyone's game. Why allow your Tarzan friend to drag you down to the jungle?

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