Manbox is constantly scouting for the best grooming products for gents. The score is slowly improving for gents compared to women in the grooming sphere. It's not the humiliating 5-0 score anymore. If 3 products (deodorant stick, normal bar soap and body lotion) first come to your mind when I mention "grooming" oh boy we have a long way to go. I'd advise you to tour our online shop and read product reviews.

Come on bro, it's quite embarrassing to refer to every toothpaste as Colgate (no beef there). That's just a major turn off, even your new wheels won't get you out of this one.

For the advance gents that exfoliate and know the difference between a cologne and perfume. The newly added products are for you to purchase. Manbox shop will save you 20+ minutes of your time (time that you'd normally spend at the shops) and your money. I bet everyone would appreciate the 20+ minutes on a Saturday morning especially if you're not a fan of "quick activities".

Percy Nobleman Beard Wash 

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Percy Nobleman’s Beard Wash uses 29% active ingredients, is 95% organic, and most crucially is 100% derived from nature. After using the wash, you’ll notice that running a comb through your beard is now much smoother, making styling and shaping your facial hair a much easier process.

 L'Occitane Cedrat Shower Gel

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This shower gel is a hair and body wash for men. Its fresh and masculine scent combines sparkling notes with a slightly woody wake. Enriched with organic Corsican cedrat extract for its energizing properties, it invigorates the skin and brings suppleness and shine to hair.

Clinique Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-On

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Protects against underarm wetness and odor. Unique, effective formulation with a long record of performance. Dries quickly; easy application; non-staining.

Dunhill Icon Absolute Eau de Parfum

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Opening with Sicilian bergamot and black pepper, creating a soothing citrus, woody and floral element, the heart then brings hints of rich and earthy saffron combined with black rose and Egyptian jasmine.As a parting note, the essence of masculinity continues with the musky element of the rare burning oud. Combined with tobacco leaves and Tuscan leather, the scent trails with a warm sensation of bittersweet woodine.

Clinique Face Soap With Dish (Regular Strength)

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Oil-control formula thoroughly cleanses normal to oily skins, removes excess shine. Leaves skin feeling fresh, comfortable, never tight or dry. Preps skin for a comfortable shave. Comes with a convenient soap dish.

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