We're only left with four months until 2020! Perhaps you feeling anxious "if I had enough time or had enough cash". Isn't strange that there's always something 'missing' or not 'enough'? Whatever it is, "it's my dream job BUT..." or "a great partner BUT..." These interesting narratives that we constantly play in our heads.

It's like punching your girlfriend because growing up you saw your uncle doing it to your aunt. Perhaps it could be a bad habit that you can't divorce because it's part of your clan. There so many EXCUSES that keeps us hostage. It

I had to stop making excuses even though it's always cool to count them out loud. I literally took a step back and question "what makes me a better man". No doubt, I went to the "chop" school to become a man. Of course, I have been encouraged to use violence and aggression to get what I want.

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