Excuse, excuse! Aren't you tired of them? Everything comes with it's own set of excuses. The packet of chips, the weatherman, the politicians - I can go on and on. I bet there's an excuse for dogs to buck instead of talking (I'll think about that one in a sec). Both men and women are guilty of this one. However women makes less excuses when it comes to grooming unlike men.

A man would put less effort and wish he can miraculously have Batista's six pack. Manbox doesn't sell products  jut because they are for "men". Each product has been tested and reviewed by our selected members. I bet after reading one or 2 reviews you'd switch to Elemis Ice Cool Foaming Shave Gel

Manbox team came up with THREE lamest excuses men use when it comes to grooming:

"I have been using this deodorant since I was 15"

Are you married to that deodorant? This is one lamest excuse has been abused 1.3 billion times by men all over the world (don't quote me on that one). Actually this excuse expired in 1972 on the 5th of  October yet it's still used till this day.

"I don't really need all this stuff"

Says a guy that wants to be considered as a potential bae. He's all clued up about swag, wears Tommy Hilfiger linen shirt with Louis Vuitton shoe BUT smells like a busy day in Grand Parade Cape Town. Bro, if we can see pieces of KFC that you ate last night stuck in your teeth - uhm the points just drop to a big ZERO.

"As long as I bath and brush my teeth"

Have you heard about L'Oreal Men Expert Pure Power Scrub? It's an effective facial scrub containing over 2000 exfoliating beads and antibacterial salicylic acid to unclog pores, wash away dead skin cells, and fight spots and blackheads.

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