All of us have that one strong friend in our circle. He pays attention, always available and dishes the best advice. Do you have that mate in your life? This dude will never blue tick you even at 3:00am. Let's give him a name, uhm..."Themba" isn't a beautiful name? Themba means trust and that's how you'd describe Themba "my brother from another mother".

Do you ever pause and ask yourself, why he doesn't crack? Themba is a superhero with no costume. Wait a minute, Themba could be putting a strong face for all of us. Themba is probably too involved in your issues to avoid his. He wears his mask so perfectly and nobody would dare to think he's not coping.


Bafethu, this thing of "taking it like a man" doesn't really work. Vulnerability isn't weakness at all, ask Brene Brown. Men generally don't talk about issues - nobody wants to be seen as a weakling. The check-up texts and mini catch up sessions Themba always initiate pump your spirit, right? Why don't you text him first and make sure he's OK?

The passing of South African hip hop legend HHP sparked a national conversation about depression. A huge number of men decides to commit suicide than seeking for help. This Friday cheer your friend up with Kyle Naidoo's Manbox Choice, it might give him strength to open up and seek for help. Who knows? Ask Themba (your mate) to Click here to be part our Movember campaign and receive Free grooming products.

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