Yo gents!

Can you believe it's freaken' July already? It was 5 minutes ago that we were making New Year's resolutions #TwentyATeam. Manbox has a new member of the team - ME! As we all know gents, "behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes" - Jim Carrey. Oops! Wrong quote, come on Jim. Let me stay away from quotes, might seem like I'm throwing shade on amazing Manbox women (salute to Kathleen and Nicky!).

I have started a conversation here don't judge it's not really my handwriting - jokes*. Just wanted to re-introduce Manbox in my own lingo - hopefully one day it'll be the 12th official lingo in Mzansi. I love languages and mixing them up is my speciality. I'm convinced Xhosa and English make a killer combination - I call it Xhonglish. Here I go off on another tangent.

What's new?

Ksazobalit on Manbox! Every Monday we'll be delivering Manbox products to our selected Man Crush Monday (MCM). So, keep on looking fresh while chasing that dream - Who knows? You could be selected as Manbox #MCM. Who do you think deserves to be our MCM?

So what's the catch?

There isn’t one. Seriously. No cost involved, no strings attached, and no BS. Still not convinced? Join Manbox and upgrade your lifestyle with Free grooming products, gadgets, accessories and fitness products. Sound rad?

Manbox isn't trying to be anything than what it already is. That's the July message to y'all - just go with the flow and let it happen - umm...deep hey? Speaking of "deep"  next month Manbox will run a cool campaign for Deep, oops! The product will be revealed on Manbox social media pages, stay awake!

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Not a member yet? Sign up here and stand a chance to 1 win 5 AXE Daily Fragrance Range hampers. To increase your chances of winning - share and invite your homies to our social media pages.

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