Slim Design 2-In-1 Firming Oil

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Slim Design 2-In-1 Firming Oil

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150 ml – RSP R295.00 – Available at Dis-Chem Stores

Breakthrough 2-in-1 firming product with a dual action on cellulite and stretch marks.

The patented biphase firming formula incorporates key active ingredients to offer powerful results from as little as 7 days:

1. THE AQUEOUS PHASE [Caffeine + Ivy]

Reduces the appearance of cellulite, assist detoxification and resculpts the silhouette by strengthening the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

2. THE OIL PHASE [Camelina Oil]

Strengthens the skin’s elasticity and suppleness and helps reduce the appearance of early stretch marks.

Proven results*:

SMOOTHER, FIRMER SKIN - Visible efficacy from 7 days

ANTI-CELLULITE ACTION - Dimples smoothed from 14 days, enhanced effect after 28 days

ANTI-STRETCH MARK ACTION - Helps reduce the appearance of early stretch marks from 28 days

Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

*Proven results:

Smoother, firmer skin: Study conducted on 48 women, aged 18-30 - Analysis after 7 days of use.

Anti-cellulite action: Study conducted on 49 women, aged 18-30 - Analysis after 14 days of use. Study conducted on 46 women, aged 18-29 - Analysis after 28 days of use.

Anti- stretch mark action: Comparative study on 21 women aged 18-30 - Evaluation of a reference stretchmark after 28 days of use compared to an untreated control stretch mark.

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