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‘A top man’- A male who always strives to be the best version of himself in all spheres of life

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Education is key

Being knowledgeable on many different topics, makes networking a breeze.

-Rushil Jina


The world we’re currently living in is no longer just pink and blue but rather inclusive of the entire rainbow.

Personally, I feel that being a top man means that you’re able to be authentically the best version of YOU in all spheres of life.

I remember being that one male contemporary dancer that would be between 1st team rugby matches/practices and dance rehearsals/performances at High School but still being my fabulous self because I wasn’t focused on what people would think or say about me but rather what impression and impact I’d leave behind.

With that being said, I definitely believe that having that positive attitude on life has shaped and moulded the human being I am today. My confidence and understanding of my sexuality definitely makes me bold and courageous!

I’d like to conclude with a quote by the multi Award winning Actress, Taraji P. Henson- “If you allow people to project their fears onto you, you just won’t live” so STOP living for the next person and live your life the way YOU want to. PERIOD!


I am proud of who I am!!


That basically what sums up for me to actually be a top man.

A top man should be able to look at things from multiple point of views and be able to deal with change on a frequent basis.

I put myself out there to reach the best I can and grow to great heights. It’s not always going to be easy, there are trails and tribulations that are faced along my journey but therefore believing in myself is the key.

I always tell myself that my only competition is me and I won’t stop until I am proud of who I am becoming, and the achievements I have made and still the upcoming opportunities. Always put yourself at the top of your to-do-list everyday and the rest will fall into place. Do it everyday, make yourself proud be your own hype because you create the adventures you take on.

l am strong and with my strength I will conquer any obstacle. And I believe there’s a strong king behind every man.



I’m a top man because I take care of myself, from  the way I look to my personal well being.  I‘m a hard worker, I’m determined and I’m a family man who always strives to be the best version of myself.

Self care is important to me and it should not be defined by antiquated gender roles, we all deserve good grooming after all.


It takes consistency, discipline and dedication to be A Top Man. Consistency requires routine, I keep a tight one when it comes to my job and content creating. I always plan ahead, it really takes off most of the pressure.

I must admit though, being dedicated to what I do makes it easy for me to be motivated and find new ways to create magic. However, it’s also essential that I find balance.

It’s important for my mental health. I find time to unwind, relax and have fun, which is where discipline comes in. A Top Man knows when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play. Discipline to me also means staying true to myself. I don’t compete, nor compare, I choose to focus on improving my craft.

To stay A Top Man, you have to be willing to adapt and humble enough to learn and grow. Don’t let disappointment cloud your vision, take lessons from things not going right.

You owe it to yourself to go the extra mile and separate yourself from the ordinary.

Lucky Mukhabele

What it takes to be a top man is to trust in your ability to create change, to motivate and inspire the helpless to aspire to greatness as well. Be brave and take risks, be patient and content and lastly to love and support your immediate circle 🙏🏽

Live life 💯

-Raaj (braaj_sa)


All it takes is to dare try again tomorrow even after doors were shut in your face today. Clinging on that inch of hope that tomorrow just might be a better day. Refusing to allow temporary setbacks determine the rest of your journey. It’s the audacity to get up try again for me.


To be a top man for me ,is not just to be the best in my craft but to be one step closer in being the best version of myself.

I turn my weaknesses into greatness, re-create myself as a gentleman. Forge a character that even the biggest critics can respect. These are the 10 factors o stand and live by 1. I invest in myself and style . 2. I treat my woman like golden treasure 3. I help other people and I share my knowledge. 4. I strive to be persistent, 5. I network often, 6. I acknowledge my failures , 7. I act, walk and talk like a king, 8. i dress not only to look good but to express myself, 9. Aim for a work life balance and 10. I cherish everyone whom I pass by from time to time


Firstly, it is not easy to be a top man. Personally it takes a lot to even consider calling yourself a top man.

Subjectively speaking, it takes a huge amount of discipline, consistency, dedication and a bit of motivation in everything that you do as a man to reach a top man status.

For instance, my journey in fitness would have been short lived if I had never sacrifice child like behaviour and begin to implement discipline, consistency and dedication to my health & physique as well as my business.

A top man is one that has mastered the fine balance in life between all the facets that make a human being successful. These facets include mastering physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being. Above anything else a top man is a man that inspires & motivates people to do better at something in life.


Having a Top Man attitude means being true to oneself, believing in oneself, and living by a code of persistence to reach your goals, dreams, or future endeavors.

Being a Top Man is having a perspective that life’s obstacles show you the way, teach you lessons, and helps you grow. Sometimes your journey starts easy and fizzles out, and other times, it starts challenging and is a climb to achieve. Always remember why you started even when nobody else does and be your cheerleader. Be proactive in your decisions and focus on keeping a good work ethic that will not sway even if things do not go as planned.

A Top Man is knowing you will get to the top with persistence, hard work, and good old grit.

-Lloyd Josephs (@gthingbrand)