We’re starting a Grooming Revolution.

Gone are the old manbox monthly subscription boxes (that was way too much commitment for us so we’re slowing things down a little). We are now sending our FREE grooming products for you to try. We have a new personal profile section, surveys, magazine articles PLUS awesome competitions. (Cool right?) Our mode of contact will be via email (who has time for calls during the day, not us!). So watch out for our emails, and add us ([email protected]) to your contact list so that our emails don’t go to your spam folder. Not cool.

Q & A

Q. What happened to the old recurring debit subscription boxes?

A. The monthly debit subscription boxes were all cancelled at the end of June 2015. The last debit for these boxes was the 15th June 2015. We no longer offer a debit subscription boxes.

Q. Do you send test products outside of South Africa?

A. Our new offering is only for South African residents and we do not send outside of South Africa., sorry other guys who are outside of South Africa – we bet you’re still cool though….

Q. How can I be part of the free product send outs?

In order to be eligible for free product send outs you need to have a complete personal profile, up to date delivery address and a valid email address. As soon as a new product is ready to go out you will receive an email from us where you can fill in a quick survey if you are interested, if you match the product (no one likes an awkward date) then we will let you know via email that it’s on the way.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. You can sign up here

Still have unanswered questions? (really, after all I said above?) Drop us an email and we’ll get back to you – [email protected]