Simple life-changing steps to help you feel better and look awesome [Sponsored by NIVEA MEN]

Rehydrate  Not only do most of us fail to drink enough water (around 2 – 2.5 litres a day) but many of us rely on diuretics like coffee and alcohol that only increase dehydration. Without enough water, the body struggles to eliminate waste products and carry nutrients to cells, which can leave the skin looking […]

Naaked Out!

After months and months of anticipating the boxing “fight of the year” between two South African celebrity music artists, Cassper Nyovest & NaakMusiq we finally saw the outcome this past weekend. The event was part of #CelebCity, a three-day entertainment takeover that was eagerly anticipated. The match was live on SuperSport Variety 4 by sports […]

The War Between The Dynamics Of Love And Money

To love and to be loved is a two-way transaction in any relationship whether it is a relationship with family, friends or a romantic relationship. When we take a look at relationships between women and men and bring out the topic of LOVE, and something that is also loved; MONEY, what thoughts come to mind? […]

Five reasons why you sweat too much

Everybody sweats. It is an important part of your body’s cooling system because it keeps you from overheating. Lots of things can make you sweat, including hot weather, exercise or even spicy foods. You might sweat in stressful situations or when you’re nervous. Most of the time, sweating serves its purpose pretty quickly. You cool […]

Having a beauty skin care routine is manly -here’s how to get into it

Let’s first unpack the words that make this seem like a daunting task; Skin care routine – something that is often thought of as a complex task, with stages that just don’t make sense. But in simple terms, a routine is simply a series of steps. Just as you have a routine when you shower, […]