Where they’ve come from

For generations Nivea has nourished the skin of men, women and children across the world. Founded in 1911, after chemist Dr Oscar Troplowitz and dermatologist Professor Dr Paul Gerson Una saw the potential to create a revolutionary cosmetic skin cream – the Nivea Creme. Nivea even got its name from the milky creme, as Nivea means ‘snow white’. By 1914 Nivea Creme was making its way aboard ocean steamers to more than 34 countries worldwide.The first men’s product? Since men were sporting mustaches back in 1922 Nivea responded with shaving soap. Fast forward to 1986 and the men’s range expanded together with the rise in men’s grooming.

Where they’re going

Nivea is still known and loved for the original Nivea creme tin, which is bought 150 million times worldwide every year. Nivea today spans over 500 skin and beauty care products, loved in more than 200 countries.

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