Extreme Energy House & Soul

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Developed in collaboration with local SA music producers and designed with neural science technology to evoke a multi-sensory experience from a visual, tactile, smell and taste perspective. Extreme Energy House and Soul will allow you to Taste Your Music in a can!

These NEW Extreme Energy Music variants are part of Extreme’s premium alcoholic energy drink range, with the same refreshing apple taste and 4.5% ABV.

Extreme Energy’s new House and Soul sensory music variants are a world first innovation and a chance to experience music in a can. Evoking the same multi- sensory response as listening to your favourite music genre.

Available in a 440ml can 4-pack.

Get ready to taste your music in a can! A world-first-of-its-kind innovation – Connect with Mzansi’s popular urban music culture.

Available in two variants:

A smooth sensory experience that unlocks the intense emotion and seductive beats of the Soul music genre. The orange colour and soft lines of the can design alluding to the sultry flavours and aromas of vanilla, pear and cinnamon, work together to recreate the Soul music experience. A premium energy drink with an orange glow-in-the-dark colour under UV light, a refreshing apple taste and energy boost from taurine.

House music takes you deep into the feel-good zone with a beat that builds up and drops, releasing sensations of excitement and happiness. Every element of the Extreme House Music variant has been crafted to activate these senses, with the bright green colour and bold lines of the can design hinting at the vibrant flavours and aromas of citrus, rosemary and a cooling sensation. A premium energy drink with a green glow-in-the-dark colour under UV light, a refreshing apple taste and energy boost from guarana.


Available at leading retail outlets and online liquor emporiums across the country from 1 September:


RRSP 4-PACK-R90.00