Vawter Hard Seltzer

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Vawter Hard Seltzer is a unique range of spirit coolers: sparkling water with a dash of vodka infused with refreshingly light natural fruit flavours juicy Grapefruit, refreshing Cucumber, and zesty Lemon & Lime.

Ideal if you are seeking an alternative light alcoholic beverage that offers all the Sunday-Funday with none of the Blue Monday. Hard Seltzer offers a unique, easy-drinking alternative to ‘lite’ beers.

Light, but with a bite. Vawter Hard Seltzer embodies ‘Hard Seltzer-Light Living’ that allows you the opportunity to balance fun times with responsible choices through the following benefits:

  • Low in sugar
  • Low in alcohol content (3.5% Alc)
  • Only 29 Calories per 100ml

Because sometimes you want to work out and sometimes you need to chill-out. Sometimes Vodka, sometimes Vinyasa, but always #balanced.

Vawter Hard Seltzer 440ml 4-Pack (Recommended selling price-R69.95)

Vawter Hard Seltzer 300ml 6-Pack (Recommended selling price-R79.95)

*Please note that prices may vary at selected retailers


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