8 Things To Avoid On A First Date

We all know how nerve wrecking first dates may be and sometimes as a guy, there is a lot of pressure. Here are 8 things you should avoid doing to make your date is less nerve wrecking and as smooth as possible.

  1. Do Not Forget Your Manners

Remember your general manners. Hold the door open for your date. That instantly tells them that you have manners. Don’t forget to say please and thank you and be friendly and polite. How you behave towards other people also matters so make sure you are respectful to others too.

  1. Do Not Skimp On Personal Hygiene

Make sure you look good and smell good. First impression last so make sure you feel your best. Brush your teeth, shave, comb your hair and remember to wear perfume. Treat each first date like a special occasion; you could be meeting your future life partner, after all.

  1. Do Not Forget To Ask Questions

Questions are good to ask as they indicate that you are engaging in conversation so try not to talk about yourself the whole time. Go on the date with some interesting first date questions in mind. VERY IMPORTANT: when you do ask a question, remember to pay attention to the answer.

  1. Do Not Comment On What The Other Person Is Or Isn’t Eating

Do not comment on your date’s appetite! Whether they aren’t eating much or eating a lot, do not make conversation about it. All that matters is that they are enjoying the food.

  1. Do Not Get Too Drunk

Most people drink a bit more when they are nervous so that they can let loose. Just be careful to not get too drunk on a first date as you may just embarrass yourself or end up over sharing. Also, alcohol can also lower your inhibitions, which might lead you to take things further than you’d planned on the first date. 👀

  1. Do Not Use The Words ‘My Ex’

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to have memories start creeping in when you are in a romantic setting. Avoid talking about your ex as it may seem like you are not ready to date yet.

  1. Do Not Get Too Awkward Or Confrontational

There are certain topics that are too serious or confrontational that you should avoid discussing on the first date. It’s good to find out shared value, however, some topics can become uncomfortable so just be cautious.

  1. Do Not Be Cheap When It Comes To Paying The Bill

Studies show that most men and women still expect a man to pay the bill on his first date. The rule of thumb is if you are choosing the venue, make sure that you choose a venue that you can afford for the both of you. If the other person offers to pay for the bill, always make sure you offer your share and chip in.

All the best Gents! Let us know what you avoid on first dates in the comments below.

Article inspired by: https://www.eharmony.co.uk/dating-advice/getting-to-know/10-things-never-to-do-on-a-first-date/

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14 thoughts on “8 Things To Avoid On A First Date

  1. memela360 says:

    Don’t forget to pay compliments gents to the ladies for their efforts clothes,perfume,time and obviously the way she looks nje.it might add a point or two 😉

  2. Mpiyabo says:

    First dates can be scary things. They’re basically job interviews but with a panel of one and slightly better coffee. And while, as a single woman, I sometimes feel like the blind leading the blind giving advice to other ladies I can definitely help single men improve their chances.

    No doubt about it—dating can be tough. Don’t make it worse by sabotaging the relationship from the very beginning. We talked to several relationship experts who explain what NOT to do on a first date.

    According to Unmarried America, there are more than 106 million unmarried adults in the United States with singles making up more than 44 percent of the adult population. This means that there are a lot of people competing for a first date!

    In a way, dating is much like a game. We all want to win the ultimate prize. For the ladies, that’s usually Prince Charming. Unfortunately, the dating game doesn’t always end the way we’d like it to. Sometimes it’s because there’s simply no spark, values don’t mesh, or there’s no attraction. Other times, we do things to sabotage the relationship right from the very beginning. We talked to several relationship experts who explain what NOT to do on a first date. Trust us. You’ll want to heed their advice.

  3. Jakes says:

    These are all really good and valuable tips and they are spot on!!!! I can remember my first date with my wife as if it were yesterday😍 We hit it off well so had no issues with any of your points👍

  4. kgarimetsaofentse94 says:

    The above article is so insightful and informative about what to do and what not to do on a first date. That one should above we mustn’t forget our basic manners, to say please and thank you and be friendly at all times. Important thing, Hygiene, we must look and smell good and be presentable. Don’t focus more on yourself and ask questions as you will be engaging with your date. Commenting on what your date is eating is considered a red flag. Getting drunk might lead you into over sharing and embarrassing yourself. Do not ever talk about your previous relationships. Avoid uncomfortable conversations. And make sure you choose an affordable venue for the both of you.