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Embrace Botox: A guide to aging gracefully 🧔🏾‍♂️

Let’s talk about something that might be on your mind but often goes unspoken – aging and its impact on our appearance. Now, I know some of you might be thinking, “Botox? Isn’t that just for women?” Well, let’s debunk that myth and explore what Botox is, what it does, and why you shouldn’t be […]

Do You Prefer a Chiskop or Uppercut?

I nearly dropped dead when I stumbled across this research done by the Dermatology researchers from the University of Cape Town (UCT). It warns South Africans, particularly men, about the clean-shaved haircut known ekasi as “chiskop” could cost your health. Scary, right? One should consider buying their own hair clippers or try a different haircut maybe. Uppercut hairstyle could be a safe bet – it’s […]


FACT: No man has ever pulled off a monobrow. As charming, rugged or unique as you may incorrectly think it is, it’s simply got to go. But how much should you take off, and how should you do it? Don’t mess up your mug, follow our monobrow-removal guide… The wrong way: Never take a razor […]

Aging on the sports field?

We all have to go through this dilemma at some stage. That day when you realise that your sports heroes are younger than you are. It’s not like we feel older or act older. It’s just that we look older. Being sportsmen by nature, we are naturally competitive. Luckily there are tricks that we can […]