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This Is What “Street Cred” Means To Men

Rap music has shaped the global culture – it influenced swag, aspire soft life and celebrated being gangster. This music genre is about being hardcore, surviving the streets and earning your respect. All of this is done without losing the “coolness”. The streets should fear you yet seek your acquaintance. That is the name of […]

Siv Ngesi is a slayer of toxic masculinity

Social media erupted recently when actor and comedian Siv Ngesi unleashed his inner diva in the form of ‘Sivanna’. One might say “it’s just a dude in a dress. What’s the big deal?”. Besides “drag” (a male, who uses drag clothing and makeup to imitate and often exaggerate female gender for entertainment purposes) being an art form – […]

Being A Man In The #MeeToo Era

What does it feel being a man in the era of #MeeToo, #AmINext or #TimesUp? As young men it’s overwhelming to witness men in power being brought into their knees by the “cancel culture”. According to, “cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (cancelling) public figures and companies after they […]

This is How to Escape “Soft Life” Trap

According to The Free Dictionary, the idiom “soft life” means a life that is typified by or filled with ease and comfort, without requiring any hard work, sacrifice, or unpleasantness. This short-lived trend has left many drowning in debt or depressed. It’s the overwhelming power of instant gratification, sprinkled with social media pressure. Let me tell […]

The only person you should be chasing in life

Most people live a chunk of their lives chasing others, collecting things, and seeking approval.  Perhaps the ultimate goal (for many) is to be “seen” and “heard” ― the other stuff in between is secondary. I’m sure you’ve heard this punchline before “master the game, study the next guy and stand out from the crowd”, […]

4 Things That Men Don’t Like To Admit


Men are quick to confess how rich, strong, and capable they are. In fact, most men would sooner rather choose death than being perceived as weak. Calling it a “man thing” is just a lazy way of describing this toxic condition. For young boys, it’s almost impossible to escape the unreasonable expectations that come with […]