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The War Between The Dynamics Of Love And Money

To love and to be loved is a two-way transaction in any relationship whether it is a relationship with family, friends or a romantic relationship. When we take a look at relationships between women and men and bring out the topic of LOVE, and something that is also loved; MONEY, what thoughts come to mind? […]

The Importance Of Having a ‘career sponsor’ 

Have you heard the term ‘career sponsor’?  A career sponsor isn’t a mentor or a coach, it’s someone who opens doors for you, who sings your praises in spaces you don’t yet have access to. When it comes to powering your career up the corporate heights, you need a sponsor. That’s completely different from having […]

Are you stuck in a situation-ship? 

There is a myth that most guys prefer a situation-ship than a normal relationship. Apparently in a situation-ship there is less nagging, zero drama and lower expectations. Sounds like a convenient deal, right? If you investigate these situation-ships you will notice that the willing participants are usually the people who have trust issues or have […]

Here’s what you need to know about Happiness Ever After

Happiness Ever After is a sequel to the 2016 romantic comedy Happiness is a Four-Letter Word based on the novel by Noziziwe Cythia Jele. The film is directed by the award-winning director, written by the talented Ayanda Halimana and produced by Bongiwe Selane.  The sequel is now streaming on Netflix in 190 countries. Even if […]