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Gents, Let’s Celebrate! [August Newsletter]

Alright, gents, enter the Whatsapp group chat as we delve into the superpowers of the extraordinary women in our lives in honour of Women’s Month. From their uncanny ability to read our minds (yes, they’re telepathic!) to their legendary multi-tasking skills, they truly are the real-life superheroes we should appreciate every day. So, grab your […]

Unlocking Pleasure: 5 Tips to help you satisfy your partner in the bedroom 🔥

A fulfilling and satisfying sexual relationship requires effort, communication, and a deep understanding of your partner’s desires. As a man, it’s essential to prioritise your partner’s pleasure and create an environment where both of you can explore and enjoy intimacy. We’ll discuss five valuable tips to help men please their women in the bedroom. Prioritise […]

[Newsletter] Turn Over A New Leaf

Who hasn’t been hurt by the actions or words of another? Perhaps a friend or family member said something mean growing up, maybe your partner maybe had an affair, or maybe you had a traumatic experience such as being physically or emotionally abused. These scenarios can all cause wounds that can leave painful lasting feelings […]

The Male Contraceptive Pill

Men, it’s almost here: the male contraceptive pill… Find out how it works, what some men think about it, and then let us know in the comments: would you be open to using it? FIRST, A LITTLE CONTEXT: The female contraceptive pill has been available for more than half a century. Today, a wide range of […]

8 Things To Avoid On A First Date

We all know how nerve wrecking first dates may be and sometimes as a guy, there is a lot of pressure. Here are 8 things you should avoid doing to make your date is less nerve wrecking and as smooth as possible. Do Not Forget Your Manners Remember your general manners. Hold the door open for […]

The War Between The Dynamics Of Love And Money

To love and to be loved is a two-way transaction in any relationship whether it is a relationship with family, friends or a romantic relationship. When we take a look at relationships between women and men and bring out the topic of LOVE, and something that is also loved; MONEY, what thoughts come to mind? […]

Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile

One of the most stressful parts of online dating is undoubtedly creating your profile. Since the only impression you’re making is through pictures and a bio, you have the ability to carefully control the first impression you make. This can be a good thing, but it’s also quite a lot of pressure. There is a […]

DJ Khaled on “Different Rules” for Men and Women in the Bedroom

DJ Khaled on “Different Rules” for Men and Women in the Bedroom In a notorious interview from 2015, DJ Khaled expressed his distaste for going down on women. Not only did he say he doesn’t like it, but that he simply won’t do it at all. The justification for his refusal was pretty shocking and […]

Valentines Day Fails

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get your date idea set. Here are some classic examples of how not to ruin your Valentine’s Day.  1. This Guy Sure Did Keep The Relationship Fire Burning! ‘I was really excited for Valentine’s Day because I was planning to propose to her. […]