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Taste Your Music with the NEW Extreme Energy House & Soul: A world first innovation and a chance to experience music in a can.

Developed in collaboration with South African Music Producers and created using Sensory Neural Technology, the Extreme Energy Music variants flavours, aromas and colours evoke the same multi-sensory response as listening to these music genres. It’s all about how music makes you feel!   Extreme Energy House activates the senses with a bright green colour, and […]

Balance fun times with responsible choices [Vawter Hard Seltzer Testimonials]

Experience #LightLiving with the all-new Vawter Hard Seltzer. “Refreshing, natural fruit flavours with low calories and low alcohol”- These are the words used by Manbox members to describe their Vawter Hard Seltzer experience” Watch to see what Ayabulela and Sazi had to say when we asked them how they felt about the all-new Vawter Hard […]

Get Fresh Be Fresh with NEW NIVEA Men Fresh Face Crème

NIVEA MEN Crème Fresh comprised of the lightest & fastest absorbing formula containing energizing mint– you can now take care of your facial skin without the greasiness at an affordable price. Benefits of the ALL NEW lightest & fastest absorbing formula: Quick absorbing Ultra-light face crème Non-greasy gel format Maximum hydration Fresh, cooling sensation 24H […]

“Its more than a general disposable razor” [BIC Flex 2: Testimonials]

Bringing benefits of flexible blades to a 2 blade shaver for the first time. Advance your shaving experience with BIC Flex 2 shavers! “Smooth, lubricating, more than a general disposable razor.”- These are what our manbox men used to describe their BIC Flex 2 Shaving experience. Watch to see what Lucky Sekome and Shiraz Reddy […]

Experience #LightLiving with Vawter Hard Seltzer

Why not experience #LightLiving with Vawter Hard Seltzer, the drink that offers you the opportunity to balance fun times with responsible choices. Because sometimes you want to work out and sometimes you need to chill-out. Sometimes Vodka, sometimes Vinyasa, but always #balanced. This range of vodka and sparkling water with infused natural fruit flavours is […]

BRUT [Ratings & Reviews]

Much loved by SA men everywhere for its distinctive and long-lasting fragrance, Brut is also instantly recognizable because of its iconic dark green packaging. Brut empowers men, giving them class and sophistication. We sent packs to profiled Manbox members to try for two weeks. They either received the Brut original to test or the brut […]