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Unlocking the Power of Self-Love: A Guide to Embracing Your Best Self this February

February, the month of love, is often associated with romantic gestures and expressions of affection. However, this year, let’s shift the focus from external relationships to a more intimate connection – the one you have with yourself. In this special feature, we explore the concept of self-love and provide a guide for men to embrace […]


Several people utilize the beginning of the New Year as a chance to take stock of their lives and consider their ideal future selves. Despite their negative connotations, New Year resolutions serve as a fantastic foundation for prioritizing one’s health and well-being. If you need to hone yourself, take a moment to go through the […]

Tis’ the season to get gifting 🎄

Tis the season to get gifting 🎄 Men we know how stressful and intimidating this side of the year can be for you! So, we thought to make it a little easier for you when finding a gift for the women in your lives be it a new girlfriend, your sister or your mother, we’re […]

It’s Never Late To Learn New Things

Happy New Months gents! With less than 2 months left of the year, there is still so much time to learn something new or gain new skills. This month we want to focus on those little things that people expect us guys to know, but we sometimes actually have no clue about! Here are 2 […]

The Year Is Rolling, But Just Keep Going

And just like that we have 3 months left of the year! For some of us, the year feels like it’s flying and for some of us not so much… If you still feel like you are still trying to make sense of the year and are still trying to get into a routine, THAT’S […]

Easy Oven-Baked Chicken

Gents when you have the option of having a take-away what comes to mind? For us, it’s KFC for sure. If you are a fan of the crispy chicken but feel a little guilty for the deep-fried treat then read on….. Meet Kylee, she is a foodie and a cook who loves to try affordable, […]

How To Spot An Online Scam

We’ve all been there. Even if you haven’t been there, you definitely have been close to being there. While scouring the likes of Gumtree for the best deal on whatever it is you’re looking for, you find the perfect one. But after clicking through, things seem a bit off – you can just tell something isn’t right. […]

What Men Should ‘Gossip’ About

Do you know what guys do when chicks aren’t around? They gossip! Like Chris Rock would shout “yes I said it” guys are probably worse than females. It might not be giggling and high fives in between the chit-chat like chicks do. Maybe it might not be extreme to the point of making time to […]

Size Doesn’t Matter, Right?👀

What’s your tool size? I’m pretty sure in 1902 nobody would have dared to ask this question. It was considered obnoxious and taboo to ask such personal things. In 2022 that topic isn’t hot at all. It’s the fourth less-asked question (don’t quote me) in the entire world. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. Women confirmed that […]

Saving Money on Insurance

Who doesn’t like to save money wherever they can? Insurance is a grudge purchase for most people. We know we need it, but only see the benefit when it comes to claiming. The word ‘insurance’ is very broad ranging from short-term insurance (car, home, household contents, business insurance, etc.) to long-term insurance (life cover, illness […]