Heritage Day – Let’s Celebrate COVID Safe!

Heritage Day is an annual public holiday held on 24 September to celebrate the diverse cultures and traditions that make up South Africa.

We don’t know how to make things go back to normal faster. We do know how to make a good time out of a bad situation but let’s keep the Covid-19 precautions in mind and stay safe.

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To celebrate Heritage Day 2021, let’s commemorate some of the things that make us proudly South African.


There is one crucial guideline- keep it outside, this will help as the air flow dilutes the virus and allows for easy social distance.


What was once a way for butchers to promote and sell their meat, Shisa nyamas have fast become the gathering place for up-and-coming urban professionals, tourists and local township residents looking to eat braaied meat, have their car washed and either sip a fine single malt or hit the dance floor.

Famous street food culture

Be sure to roll up your sleeves because this one is messy! This footlong roll stuffed with hot chips, fillings of your choice, all immersed in an abundance of sauce is perfect to enjoy after a long day at the beach. If you don’t like sharing, you’ll surely have a change of heart with this proudly South African super sandwich – the great gatsby

Something for the sweet tooth

Koeksisters will satisfy that sweet tooth of yours are twisted pastries (plaited in fact), deep fried and heavily sweetened. Delicious and oh so sugary! Additionally, and possibly one of the country’s most iconic desserts – milktart, the milk-based custard is flavoured with cinnamon and orange peel,and set in a shortcrust tart.

Amagwinya similarly known as vetkoek, it’s no secret that South Africans love fried dough. Amagwinya (or vetkoek) could be seen as SA’s twist on a doughnut. Yeast-risen bread is fried and served with either sweet toppings or savoury. We reckon it qualifies as a pudding when slathered with butter and jam, though it’s possibly more common as a savoury snack, filled with polony, savoury mince, or cheese.

What could really be better than these South Africa favourties to celebrate our culture this #HeritageMonth

14 thoughts on “Heritage Day – Let’s Celebrate COVID Safe!

  1. Ofentse says:

    I spent my heritage day at a traditional wedding, it was such an intimate group of people showing off their cultures and traditions in their outfits and food. It was definitely one for the books. SA is such a multicultural society and what a beautiful day to show that off and celebrate who we are.

    Loved this article, as usual, never disappoints.

  2. Charl Pelser says:

    Manbox, your article is great. For heritage day, we spent time at the Vaal Dam in Johannesburg with friends and family, we braaied Shisanyama style and of course drank a whole lot of draft beers. Love SA and love that we can all enjoy the same things as a nation 🙂

  3. Willie says:

    South Africa has the best population in the world, this article suits our Country so well. We love to socialize with friends, we love to braai and we definitely love to eat good food !!!
    My favorites are Koeksisters, Vetkoek and Mince and of course a Cold Draft Beer !!!
    South Africa Rocks !!!

  4. Anton says:

    I am a Private Chef. If I must brag, I make the best Vetkoek and Mince and I have personally made my own Koeksisters for a number of private home functions. For recipes and more specially made SA Heritage Meals made by myself, please share my Instagram page for anyone interested, chefantonbeneke
    Thanks for the Article Manbox !!

  5. Riaan says:

    For Heritage Day, we made the good old Vetkoeks and Mince and of course the Vetkoek with Butter and Syrup for dessert, still the best SA dish and always a winner for the whole family !!!

  6. franklindakaa says:

    Heritage Day for me was an amazing experience. This time I spent with my younger siblings since my parents traveled. Me being the oldest I had to make sure they are happy. So we all spent that day cooking all together and played games. To be honest I don’t remember the last time we all had a good time together as siblings.

  7. Marcus says:

    Every person in SA chooses to celebrate their Heritage in their own unique way. It’s up to us to respect their Heritage as I expect them to respect mine. I also enjoy celebrating and eating other different cuisines except my own daily not only on Heritage day and I expect so many others do that’s why I love my country

  8. Christo says:

    Had the best braai to celebrate heritage day, watched the SA and NZ rugby game and enjoyed spending the day with family and friends in the Bushveld 🙂
    Love #SouthAfrica#

  9. Angelo says:

    What an awesome day on our Calendar the spirit of Ubuntu. We must know our heritage and celebrate it and live our lifes according to our roots. That will certainly put more value in our daily lifes.

  10. Mlamuli says:

    For many people, the most meaningful way to honor their heritage is to include elements of it in their own lives. They live the positive values they were taught and pass them on to others. Though still in that spirit should remember that covid is still around and we should take all measures to protect ourselves and those around us

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