Masculine Scent [New Test & Review Product]

Are you the type of man who likes to always smell good and wears a fragrance/cologne daily?

If you answered yes then we’re looking for YOU and we could be sending you a masculine scent to test then review on manbox.

We have a few questions to ask you first so tap the button below to login then answer a few quick multiple-choice questions.


The final guys who match the product profile will be emailed in 2 weeks and will need to nominate 9 male friends to share extra products with.

*Please note that you can not submit your own email or female email addresses. All 9 friends you nominate MUST accept to take part otherwise you will not be part of the final selection.

9 thoughts on “Masculine Scent [New Test & Review Product]

  1. p1soul says:

    I would really like to get an opportunity to test this product, as I’m looking for a new fragrance to add to my collection. Maybe this might be the one 🤞🤞👍

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